What if we took the time to rethink things? Forcing ourselves to look at how things are and imagining what they could be. Not waiting for change but being the catalyst. The philosophy of rethink has been ours since day one. Rethink is treating customers like people. Rethink is buying made easy. Rethink is style made accessible. Rethink is the greener approach. Rethink is the first LEED-Gold Certified automotive plant in North America. Rethink is hybrid technology. Rethink is five new models. Rethink is Saturn.
Rethink responsible. 
The Aura. The 30MPG sport sedan.
We’ve rethought the sport sedan by making one that has all the room, comfort, and style you want, but still gets an EPA estimated 30 miles per gallon highway. And we didn’t stop there. With the 5 star crash safety rating and a 5-year/100,000-mile warranty, it’s the sport sedan from the company that’s rethinking everything.
Rethink safe. 
The compact SUV with 137 safety features. 
We’ve rethought the SUV by making one that protects you from every angle. The 137 standard safety features surround you in protection and the available navigation, and hybrid, takes care of the rest. It’s the compact SUV from the company that’s rethinking everything.
Rethink fuel-efficient. 
The Outlook. The 24-MPG, 8-passenger crossover. 
We’ve rethought the 8-passenger crossover by making ones that’s remarkably fuel-efficient with an estimated 24-MPG highway, loads of cargo capacity, and room for everyone. It proves that big can also be smart. It’s the super-rightsized crossover from the company that’s rethinking everything.
Rethink Impractical. 
The Sky. The wildly impractical roadster. 
We’ve rethought the roadster by making exotic styling and performance accessible to the masses. With an available 260-HP engine and a soft top that drops in seconds this German-inspired head-turner is not only exhilarating to drive, but you also get your recommended daily dose of fresh air. It’s the roadster from the company that’s rethinking everything.
Rethink Fun. 
The Astra. The ridiculously fun to drive sport compact. 
A sleep sport-tuned hatchback with European styling and an EPA estimated 32 MPG it commands attention to the drive, without commanding your wallet. The Astra, from the company that’s rethinking everything.

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