Nissan and Habitat for Humanity Build Houses with Energy-Saving Features

Habitat for Humanity International and Nissan has recently announced the renewal of an annual $1 million partnership. Through the partnership Nissan will fund the construction of affordable houses that conserve energy and water, support ongoing Habitat for Humanity projects and assists with the disaster response efforts.

Since 2006 Nissan has donated more than $3 million to Habitat for Humanity, in house sponsorships and truck donations, as well as 40,000 volunteer hours.

As part of the 2008 partnership, Nissan will sponsor seven houses that will be outfitted with green features that will help conserve energy and water. Low-flow toilets, faucets, and showerheads, programmable thermostats, energy-efficient compact fluorescent lighting and recycled carpeting will all be in the new homes. These homes will be built in areas that have been affected by natural disasters. Nissan employees will also volunteer their time to help construct the houses.

Following the devastation of the 2005 hurricane season, Nissan donated fifty Titan trucks to support rebuilding efforts in the Gulf Coast region. This year Nissan will be providing an additional six trucks.

“Nissan has generously assisted Habitat for Humanity in our disaster recovery efforts, and our shared commitment to decent housing has turned into a partnership that will have a lasting impact,” said Habitat CEO Jonathan Reckford. “We deeply value the support that the entire Nissan family has provided our efforts.”

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