Saturn Drops Green Line Name for Hybrids

Saturn was one of the first domestic automakers to add a hybrid to its lineup when the Vue Green Line came out in summer of 2006. Saturn enlisted a name for its lines of hybrids, which includes the Vue and Aura Sedan: Green Line. Complete with a badge too. But, times have changed and car shoppers don’t have time to decipher badges as they search for a hybrid so save them from high gas prices. So for 2009 models, Saturn has officially dumped the Green Line moniker.

Saturn spokesman Mike Morrissey said, “It was simply a practical matter. As we expand our hybrid lineup, the names were getting a bit long. It’s hard to write a short sentence about the Saturn Vue Green Line 2-Mode Hybrid.”

As for Saturn’s performance line, known as the Red Line, the name and badge will remain intact.

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