GM’s Lutz Confident Chevy Volt Will Arrive for 2010

 The Chevrolet Volt is probably one of GM’s most highly anticipated vehicle launches. The Volt promises to revolutionize the way people commute. Development of the vehicle is progressing nicely and GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz stated that he is confident that the Volt will show up on schedule.

The vehicle uses a powerful lithium-ion battery back to power the vehicle for 40 miles. Once the battery pack exhaust its stored energy, a 1.0-liter turbocharged gasoline engine cranks up to recharge the battery pack and keeps the volt moving along. The Volt can also be recharged from a standard household outlet.
One thing that Lutz said needs to be worked on before arriving on dealer lots in the tiny internal combustion engine (ICE). In its current form, its not quite refined enough for the public.
“it all works real well, it’s just that the transition from battery power to the internal combustion,” stated Lutz. “They said it’s still noisy and it’s a little rough. But heck, we’ve got a little more than a year a half to work on that.”

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