’09 Saturn Vue 2 Mode Hybrid Will be the World’s Most Fuel Efficient V6 Sport-Utility

The 2009 Saturn Vue 2-mode Hybrid, is designed for customers who want outstanding fuel savings and full power and towing capacity of an SUV. Production of the 2009 2-mode hybrid will begin later this year and will be at dealerships by early 2009.

“The Saturn Vue 2 Mode Hybrid defies the notion that a compact SUV can’t be both powerful and efficient,” said Jill Lajdzlak, Saturn general manager. “Not only will Saturn deliver the world’s most fuel efficient V6 SUV, but Saturn is the only brand to offer two different hybrid options on the same model.”

The direct injection engine uses regular unleaded fuel and represents one of the most sophisticated applications of its kind on a hybrid SUV. Direct injection delivers fuel directly to the combustion chambers and permits a higher compression ratio, improving fuel efficiency.

Unlike its competitors, with single mode hybrid technology, the two mode system maximizes city and highway fuel economy. The first mode, which is used at lower speeds, operated on all electric power, internal combustion engine power, or a combination of the two. The second mode is used to optimize fuel economy at highway speeds. It provides electric assist in addition to the 6 cylinder engine power.

No engine speed changes are necessary for the mode shift to occur. The result is exceptionally smooth, seamless acceleration and responsiveness.

The 2009 model will still feature the same European-inspired exterior design as the non-hybrid Vue. The exterior differences include “2mode” and “hybrid” badging, lightweight aluminum alloy wheels, a lower ride height, and low rolling-resistance tires that enhance economy.

The instrument panel lets drivers know that they are behind the wheel of a sophisticated hybrid, yet has gauges that are easy to understand. An efficiency gauge replaces the tachometer, informing drivers when they are achieving maximum fuel economy, and because of the silent start as the key is turned, a telltale indicated the vehicle is on and ready to drive. In addition the new Vue has a number of standard safety features including four-wheel anti-lock brakes, electronic stability control, rollover detection system, electronic trailer sway control, pedestrian impact protection, tire pressure monitoring system, pedal release system, and six air bags.

The Vue 2 Mode Hybrid in the third hybrid to join the 2009 lineup. Other members include the four-cylinder Vue Hybrid and the Aura Hybrid sedan.

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