Nissan’s Automatic Headlight System Tells Evening From Shadows

Nissan has recently developed a new automatic headlight system that turns on about 30-40 minutes earlier than the existing and will not turn on when in the shadows. In order to turn on the headlights earlier, Nissan increased the sensitivity of the illumination sensors and revised the control logic that determines the surrounding environment. Nissan is aiming to reduce the number of car accidents with its new headlight system which will be commercialized within 2008. According to Nissan’s data about accidents by the time of day, they most frequently occur in the time zone, one hour before sunset. The new system is designed to reduce this accident rate during this time by automatically turning on the lights to warn other vehicles. All automatic headlights in existing Nissan models will be replaced by the new Smart Auto Headlight. The system will also be able to determine the environmental surroundings by the illumination sensors. These sensors will be used to recognize the shadows of a tree or building. For example, if the value decreases sharply, the system will be able to determine that the vehicle is going into a tunnel. If the value decreases gradually the system will determine that it is before the sunset.

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