Nissan 350Z Awarded ‘Best Sports Car’

The Nissan 350Z is anything but subtle, with its aggressive styling and rough exhaust, you’ve got a car that deserves to be awarded the ‘Best Sports Car’. Designed to be a true sports car the modern 350Z has stayed close to its original form of the 240Z from the early 70s. Since its launch back in October 2003 it has collected numerous awards from all areas of the media. From the customer’s perspective, the 350Z has a consistently high residual value, especially when compared to its rivals, which provides a ‘peace of mind’ when purchasing this vehicle.

One response

  1. All Hail the Z. I have a 1988 300zx in mint condition. The original equipment engine has 185,000 miles on it and not only runs great but has good oil pressure and does not smoke. I am planning to buy a matching 08 350z. Because very one should buy a new Z every 20years.

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