Nissan Hybrid and Electric Cars are Coming

Nissan has recently announced that they plan on releasing an electric car and a hybrid prototype vehicle in 2010. Theses electric vehicles will be powered by advanced lithium-ion batteries. Nissan has committed to a zero-emission vehicle leadership and with this they announced the plans to introduce an all electric vehicle in 2010 and mass market globally in 2012. The batteries will be installed under the floor so that cabin and cargo space are not sacrificed. The electric vehicle will also have a unique body style and will not be based on any existing Nissan model. The hybrid vehicle will have a high performance rear-wheel drive system and parallel-power train hybrid system. The parallel-powertrain system uses two clutches, where one motor is connected to an engine and transmission via two separate clutches. The motor can switch between the two clutches to conserve energy and improve fuel-efficiency.

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