Chevrolet Volt Named 2009 Green Car Vision Award Winner

The Chevrolet Volt has been named the 2009 Green Car Vision Award winner by the Green Car Journal. Competition for the award was intense, with plug in hybrid, range extended electric, battery electric, and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles fighting for the prize. Ron Cogan the editor and publisher of the Green Car Journal said, “The Chevy Volt offers a bold and far-reaching approach that will being an exceptionally fuel-efficient model to consumers at reasonable cost, besides being a great design, the Volt promises exactly what many consumers are asking for – a car capable of driving on zero emission battery power most of the time at pennies per mil, with over 100 mpg possible on longer journeys when electric power from its range extender engine-generator is needed.” The Green Car Vision Award recognizes the most important vehicle in a year that visualizes the road ahead, but is not yet on sale.

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