2009 Saturn Vue Used to Showcase Future Green Powertrain Solutions in EcoCAR Challenge

Nearly 200 future engineers from 17 universities are getting an opportunity to show their talents and knowledge in developing a next generation propulsion system for the EcoCAR challenge. The competition is a three-year engineering competition headlined by General Motors and the U.S. Department of Energy. Each team will focus on the execution of an alternatively powered powertrain system while maintaining the performance, safety, and consumer appeal of their 2009 Saturn Vue crossover. Each Vue will have the following common characteristics:


•Plug-in capability

•Lithium-ion battery technology

•Use of a renewable energy source

•Vehicle must retain the safety and real-world performance characteristics of the Saturn Vue


Each team has revealed their architectures of choice for their Vue crossovers. There are four different types which are: Extended Range Electric Vehicles, Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles, Full Function Electric Vehicle, and Fuel Cell Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle.

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