Chevrolet Jumps from Number 17 to Number 2 on the 2008 Automotive eShopper Experience Study

Great car deals are plentiful, but sometimes that isn’t enough. Many buyers want a dealer who is responsive to the consumers’ needs and questions. As more auto shoppers research their cars and request prices on the internet, a dealer’s response could mean the difference between a happy buyer and one that doesn’t buy at all. The comprehensive survey, the 2008 Automotive eShopper Experience Study, complied data based on The Cobalt Group’s online inquires to dealerships representing thirty brands. The study ranked the brands based on responsiveness, follow-through, and 13 quality measures. Those factors were used to calculate the “Automotive eShopper Index or ASI” that rates each brand’s responsiveness. Brands with a higher ASI score will have dealers who will typically treat consumers better if they’re using the internet to research their next vehicle.


The biggest news in this study was that Chevrolet leaped to 2nd from its 2007 ranking of 15th. Chevrolet delivered major improvements in response rate and response quality. Chevrolet did not only respond quickly, but were also thorough in answering the shopper’s questions, explaining the value of doing business at their dealerships, and offering good reasons to buy a new Chevrolet.  

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