Nissan’s Compact, It’s Fun, Cubed

The Nissan Cube is a “car” or as introduced by their campaign a “Mobile Device”, that is scheduled to go on sale May 5 in the United States. The phrase indicates that the vehicle is intended to market to younger drivers, and is also presented as a part of a fun life that can be customized and personalized as easily as a cell phone ring tone. The campaign also uses terms such as “search engine,” “browse,” “storage capacity,” “add friends,” and “set preference,” to describe some of the features of the Cube. The Nissan Cube, which has been said to be geared more towards younger drivers, will start at $13,990 and for many will be a first car. Erich Marx, director for marketing communications at Nissan North America said, “We think the Cube’s a perfect vehicle for this time, it offers tremendous value.”

Nissan Cube

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