Saturn of Bordentown and Saturn of Toms River are proud to be a part of Saturn and the new Penske team

Roger Penske who is known for his successful racing teams and also being the nation’s second-largest auto dealer, has made a deal to buy Saturn from General Motors. As for the future plans of Saturn, Roger Penske says this, “We have a couple years of supply from GM, and one of the first jobs for us will be to find out who will be a partner for us. But the great thing is we get to look on a worldwide basis to people who have the best product that we can compete with in the U.S. Then the goal will be, obviously, to have the volume so that it’s viable to come in and manufacture the product in the U.S. So step one: Take GM product. That saves jobs in the plant. It gives them the opportunity to (make) more saturn cars to cover their fixed and variable costs because Saturn will be taking (on) those. Then we take a look at who’s out there that wants to enter the United States and we give them a great base of dealerships, a customer base and hopefully a good management team. And after that, we have the opportunity to manufacture cars here with the particular partner we would choose in the near-term.”

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