Chevrolet Camaro tops on sales chart

Recent survey shows 2010 Camaro on top of the sales chart leaving behind Ford mustang. In the midst of worst Auto crisis, no one could have predicted the come back of muscle cars. It appears General Motors, Ford and Chrysler all has launched muscle cars in the market.

The recent hype created in the media about 2010 Chevrolet Camaro by General Motors paid off. GM sold 9,320 Chevrolet Camaro last June and has more than 10,000 orders to be filled whereas Ford was able to move only 7,632 Mustangs.

Chevrolet has been able to sell more units by producing desirable muscle pony car along with simple buying experience where as the American automaker has flooded the market with too many prototypes and variations of Mustang, whereby confusing the customers.



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