Nissan EV Challenge

In the near future, Electric vehicles would dominate the market and that is exactly what Nissan plans to do. It aims to be the automotive industry leader in selling mass electric vehicles in the United States and would invest about $1.6 billion to construct electric vehicle assembly operations in Smyrna, TN. It would train about 1300 workers for the project. Talks are on the way to retail the five passenger electric plug in vehicle through various dealerships in 2012.

According to Woodard, director of Government affairs at Nissan North America, until there is established infrastructure that is hard-wired it is impossible to sell EV. And that is what she has been doing non stop since last year. Woodard has been working out partnerships with government and utilities in eight cities, recharging system at Oregon and trying to sign up most of the states by end of the year.

Nissan hopes to act as pathfinders for introduction of Electric Vehicles and pave way for competitors to enter the market and sell electric vehicles.

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