GM for test drive with Ebay inc, California

General Motors plans to go for  test drive with Ebay in California that wil allow customers to buy new vehicles at  fixed price online and also allow them to bid on them.

In a  brief statement, Fritz Henderson, CEO of GM said, “ We will be testing this and other ideas with our dealers in next few weeks and hope to expand upon them in coming months.”

Further Henderson said, “ We are excited about it, but I would not commit to rolling out more broadly until we find them successful and this would be just an experiment for now.”

The west coast auto market has been dominated by imported brand and sale of light US vehicles have been stuck to the lowest price this year.

In United States, more than thirty thousand franchises, independent dealers and others have been using Ebay Motor’s channel to  sell vehicles and pre-owned certified cars including GM.

Another marketing plan by GM is launch of “Tell Fritz” website for consumers where in Fritz Henderson, CEO, GM will be personally responding to consumers everyday.

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