US car owners prefer to keep their old cars

These days the cars and trucks are built with perfection both in design and mechanism both. They are being built very well with a little or no scope of replacement. This makes it further difficult for the car makers to sell their new models. Therefore, the car manufacturer s needs to expand the concept for Cars for Clunkers or the excitement aspect of new models to increase their sales.  This is the only way to get over the doldrums situation of the automotive industry and the world’s economy at large. Let’s understand this concept a little further.

According to a recent report published by the AIADA, in the year 2005 the number of people in the US who were willing to wait for a maximum period of four years before they bought a new car has increased substantially to 28.5 percent.  Similarly, the results of another study conducted by AutoPacific , there was a massive decrease in the sales of light vehicles from 14.7 million a year to 9.5 million units. 

Around 32000 participants who took part in this study had purchased the light vehicles of 2009 models between September and December this year. Also, there was a marginal increase of 2.3 percent of people planning to buy a new vehicle in the next six months. However, the people planning to buy a new vehicle in between six to one year increased by only a very small proportion of 1.3 percent. These numbers were an all time low in the last 42 years.


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