Whats in store for the new 2010 chevrolet Camaro?

Dreaming to buy the latest 2010 Chevrolet camaro?  If so, be ready to empty your wallet a bit more to offer your car dealer than the MSRP shown to you. Upon that, you may be placed in queue and need to wait for iuv while before you get to own your dream car. If we go by the various media reports, it does indicate that General Motors may not be in a position to produce the  popular “pony car” fast enough to meet the public demand. The 2010 Camaro model would be the  rebirth for the new GM. The Camaro was orginally built in 1962.

For the General motors, which has  gone through the worst phase since the downfall of automotive market has a reason to smile now and  what more better news  than this would be for GM.  The dealers would be the most happy persons wearing the chevrolet famous bow tie.

According to Chevy sales reprsentatives, “In no way is 2010 Camaro a retro, although it does have some semblance to 1969 model, although in a  complete modern way”.  Zero is on the new car’s vestigial vents ahead of the rear wheels flanked by dual plain grilled round headlights. These elements overlay the short deck, similar to 2+2 Ford original mustang made in 1964.

Modern short front and rear overhangs are all about the Camaro exterior, so are the large 20 inch wheels compared to 14 inch wheels of 1969 Camaro. And not to say the extensive aerodynamic testing shaped the brooding overhang of the grille.

The inside of the camaro with high quality and excellent material blended with modernity makes the foundation  for a comfortable driving environment with high class bejeweled instruments inspired by the first generation Camaro.

One  major complaint is less leg space in the rear seats. If you are looking for more leg space, then you need to chek out the new chevy Malibu.

Source:  http://edition.cnn.com/2009/LIVING/wayoflife/07/17/aa.camaro.proves.popular/

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