Penske – Saturn – Renault hook up?

If the current speculations would come true, Renault SA, renowned French Automaker could be a source for Saturn vehicles and parts for the emerging US auto magnate Roger Penske.

It has been finally concluded by Renault that chairman from Penske automotive group has approached them to supply vehicles and parts according to a spokeswoman from Paris, but did not give any details on the proposal. She did further add that this deal would be exclusively Renault deal and would not involve Nissan Motor Co, global Renault partner. This difference would make lot of impact for Saturn and Nissan dealers in North America because Saturn and Nissan has a strong competitive market in the US and moreover,  Renault does not sell  vehicles in United States and has not market in North America.

In 1985, most American consumers were attracted to Japanese brands such as Honda and Nissan, so to attract American consumers, General Motor created the Saturn brand. The tie up between Penske, Saturn and Renault has been in speculation for long time. Penske is already on the last phase to acquire Saturn from the General Motor and hopes to finalize the deal by end of September. The deal does not include any manufacturing resources.

According to a Penske Automotive spokesman, the provisional agreement with GM is to produce and supply vehicles to Penske for two years. The deal would be more of a “OEM “deal with no long term strings attached. On parallel side, Penske has been talking to different auto manufacturers for vehicle production and parts.

Some of the OEM deals are, Renault to supply light commercial vehicles to Fiat and General Motor. Nissan OEM deal with Chrysler to provide Tiida small car to sell in South America.

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