Michael Felps said to decide where to buy next car. The hottest deals of this summer are Cheverolet. I am a wired family.Michael Maguire said his friend felts is right. Cheverlot have been a spectacular sale this month. Michael Maguire said Michael felts is right. Chevy is having biggest sale of the year. After all GM and Cash for Clunkers rebate the 09  is $8442. Its over $7600 of the MSRP. Trading in Clunker Chevy deals in pretty good and Cheverlot has biggest sale this month. Same with New Malibo Sale price is $14,759.The prices for silverado are $21,454 saving you $11,000.No wonder so many customers choose Cheverolet. Timing is everything. Don’t miss anything. Prices reflect $4500 and tax is extra.

For the broadcast click the link below

SOTR Clunker Sale


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