Michael Felps said to decide where to buy a new car. The hottest deals of this summer are windsor Nissan. I am a wired family.  Michael Maguire said his friend Michael felts is right. Windsor Nissan is having its bottom line model event sales of it. And when you add in savings, you can get trading in a clunker. The bottom line price is pretty incredible. Example:- Altima, the MSRP is $2257. After tax and rebates and cash for the clunkers’ rebate you can get 09 Nissan Altima at  $14146 saving you over $8600. Same goes 09 Nissan.Clunker money is going fast. No wonders Customers choose Windsor Nissan. Timing is everything. Don’t miss anything. Prices reflect $4600 and tax is extra

Listen to the short broadcast:

WN Bottomline Clunker Sale

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