Brand new car less than $150/ month

This is a familiar situation for every middle class people in America.  You are really desperate to have a new car, have approached many car dealers and you find your car is not eligible for trade in either in “black, yellow or orange books.” Your monthly   budget installment is just$150. Even the junk yard guys are ready to give $75 to dispose and clean it off. Is this worrying you dude?

Do not worry, now you can hold your head high, your Junk car has become clunker and may be eligible for $4,500 as trade in when you buy a new qualifying car. The launch of “Cash for Clunkers” by Obama administration may help you to own a new car for less than $150/ month.

It is time to raise your head high, take a walk in the hot sun with self respect and own a brand new car.

To see our latest car models, visit us at or mail Jennifer at for a test drive.

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