GM treads on difficult month

September month was a difficult one for the GM vehicle sales; all the dealership was low in retail as well as certified car sales. GM sales volumes were low in comparison with month-over-month and year-over-year sales figures. GM had lost 36% volume in a month; the total car sale was 156,673 in the month across US market.

The company had launched new marketing campaigns to boost the sales for their core brands and non core brands. The two major launch were Pre-Cash for Clunkers and 60 Days Satisfaction Guarantee program.

It has helped the leader manufacturer to manage the show for this quarter. Vice President Sales, Mark, confirmed that the month was very tough for the company, but we are enthusiastic about the fourth quarter, the market is now taking shape and growing with new brands and campaign launch.

GM had lost grounds on their certified car segment as well. Their Saturn, Cadillac, Saab and Hummer Certified pre-owned vehicles combined sales was 22,885 vehicles in the month of September.

GM certified used vehicle sales were 34% down from last month, a total of 19,877 vehicles down. In Saturn used car the downfall is of 15% with a sales volume of 692 vehicles. Cadillac certified used vehicles sold 1819 vehicles, a down run of 44%, Hummer following the trend fallen 30% with 135 vehicles being sold.

Mark LaNeve shared his customer satisfaction survey data, showing, GM ranks high on value for money, brand name and dealer reputation. Quality is the main power play in the industry and GM is leading all fronts.

GM was in talk with Penske for their Saturn brand supply and production. Penske Automotive is a very reputed and large player in automobile industry. GM, the creator of Saturn brand cars, is now dealing with Penske for retail supply chain and once the contract gets over, Penske will take over the production facility for the same.

This whole negotiation had gained much hype and there were 350 dealers who have registered for their Saturn dealership and service agencies. The deal was a much sought after deal in the automobile industry. But all of a sudden the deal broke off and left dealers stranded with no future option left apart from quit.

The breaking of deal had created 13000 US job cuts and dealers looking for new dealership. But within their own self, the dealers are still hopeful that the deal might kick off once again. As, Roger Penske, is a very smart man and will not pursue any matter, unless there is a point in it.

Such optimist views are widespread among the dealers, but today the news stands that the GM and Penske deal is down.

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