The Best Grand Sport Car – Chevrolet Corvette

2010 Chevy Corvette

2010 Chevy Corvette

Chevrolet Corvette is the longest running brand name in the automobile world. The name started back in 1953 with 6 engines and two automatic transmissions. Corvette had won numerous awards of its sporty look and performance. With V8 engine added to Corvette in 1955, the car could hit 60 kmph in less than 6 seconds.

Over the decades, Corvette had passed through various phases and added new themes and names to it. The era of 60’s was known as muscle bound, 70’s defined high style, 80’s was the electronic aided era, from 90’s onwards Corvette was redefined and refined to compete the world’s best.

The latest Corvette by Chevrolet is available in 3 models: Base, Z06, ZR1. The latest base model offers removable roof coupe and convertible body style. The later 2 models are ultra high performance models with fixed roof coupe. All three models are action-packed with high performance engines starting from 6.2 litre, 430 horsepower and V8 technology. The ZR1 moves the earth with its V8, 638 horsepower and six gears manual.

The car boasts off about its superfine interior design accompanied with all gadgets and functionalities. In short, the new Chevrolet Corvette creates raves with the combination of comfort, strong performance, affordability, style and fuel economy.

Chevrolet Corvette has claimed many awards and accolades for its performance, design, best vehicles, etc. Some of the prestigious ones are: JD Power award for quality score and 5th best vehicle, Strategic Vision’s 2009 Total Quality Awards for best sports car 2009, Corvette ZR1 will be covered in new Sony Playstation game.

Corvette had received Grand Sport 1st drive accolades:

Road & Track: The new Grand Sport a ZO6 Lite is best known as a bargain. It provides you the best foot to the floor drop the clutch and feel the awesomeness launch control. This will be the best Corvette for your money spent.

Car and Driver: the car is a power house which can easily withstand serious time track race and it is impressive that it runs soft on the track. The power brake provides great strength to break the rear tires loose.

Corvette is one of the best performance bargains on the road. The car matches pretty well with the Porsche 911 GT3, which is twice expensive in comparison.

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