Why should you go for new Chevy Camaro

The new Chevy Camaro makes its own unique distinction with its 3.4 L V6.2 and 6.2 L v8 powerset engine, becoming the standard performance set car. Its origin can be traced back to the classic American sports car. Camaro SS offers both six speed auto ad manual transmission speed with active fuel management system, achieving 16/25 EPA and 400 HP torque. The new Camaro SS comes with a starting price at $31,595 and is the only first Chevy available with a Boston Acoustics radio system.

The main safety features of the latest model of Camaro include standard equipment such as six airbags, Stabilitrack, Traction Control, ABS and OnStar. Camaro RS package with HID Halo Ring headlamps sets its self apart on the road giving the look of movie star – Transformers’ Bumblebee. Camaro is one of the hottest car General Motors has ever made with starting price as low as $23,565.

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