Aveo, the best in its class !

Aveo has 35 MPG standard highway fuel economy that is superior to Honda Fit or Nissan Versa, and the highway cruising range is 420 miles. The affordable price range of Aveosedan is exceptional at $11,965. The double Five-Star NHTSA forward crash rating for Aveo5, and ahs an overall rating of 18-star. In front shoulder room category it is the best. In class front and rear hip room it is best. This section has select normal On Star with 1-Year Safe-and-Sound Plan. The 2010 model of Aveo5 will come with standard with power door locks, RKE, and alarm. This section has select option of silver or wood grain interior appearance intonation. This section of vehicle has selected punctured leatherette seating, to be had on 2LT models; the seating available is the pet-friendly (non-cloth) not found in any other vehicle in this section. The GM company leads and companies like Japanese and Ford follow. Aveo’s pioneering tall-car design and resourceful covering started the small-car sudden increase in the U.S. market previously in 2004 and made Toyota, Honda, Nissan, and (lastly) Ford to reply in brand.

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