Chevrolet Colorado vs Toyota Tacoma ?

Colorado presents added power train and suspension blends than any other mid-size rival. Colorado presents added horsepower and torque range than Tacoma, which is 185hp to 300hp for Colorado vs. Tacoma at 159hp to 236hp. 190lb.-ft. to 320lb.-f.t for Colorado vs. Tacoma at 180lb.-ft. to 266lb.-ft. The Colorado’s usual  2.9-liter 4 cylinder make 26 more horse power and 10 more lb.-ft of torque than the 2.7-liter 4 cylinder Tacoma engine in normal and extensive cabs. Colorado’s 5.3L V8 presents the finest V8 fuel economy in its segment. Colorado’s 5.3L V8 EPA est. MPG 15 City, 20 Hwy are found on 2008 GM Mid Pickup class. Tacoma also doesn’t give a V8 engine. Colorado’s obtainable inline 5 cylinder engines have additional horsepower than Tacoma’s V6, plus acquire improved highway fuel saving. Colorado 23 MPG Highway vs. Tacoma 21 Highway, Colorado’s Crew cab has additional front and rear leg space than Tacoma Double Cab. Colorado has 44.0 front / 34.8rear, while Tacoma 41.7 front / 32.6 1 assembly plant (Shreveport). Colorado gives Air Conditioning, Cruise Control, Automatic Headlamps, and Daytime Running Lamps standard where Tacoma gives them as alternative or not to be had.

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