Meet the Full size pickup – Silverado..

It is Award Winning vehicle having won the Consumer Reports Recommended Buy two years running It is Vincentric’sBest Value vehicle in America on the basis of the least amount cost of ownership. The U.S. News & World Report has said Best Full-Size Truck for the Money. The Consumers Digest has declared it Best Buy. Chevy is the most trustworthy, longest-lasting full-size trucks on the road. It has the finest Coverage in America with 100,000 Mile Power train Warranty, Roadside aid and Courtesy shipping. It has been declared as the finest fuel economy of any full-size pickup in America like  Silverado XFE (15/22) vs. F-150 (15/21) vs. Ram (14/20) vs. Tundra (15/20); Silverado Hybrid has improved city fuel economy than a 6-cylinder Toyota Camry (22 vs. 21 MPG). It is finest this section light duty standard V8 4WD crew cab payload (Silverado (1,652 lbs.) vs. F-150 (1,430 lbs.) vs. Ram (1,550 lbs.). Silverado’s available 6.2L, 403 horsepower V8 is the for the most part powerful half-ton pickup. It has improved horsepower and torque than any other heavy duty diesel. The extensive cab has 170°doors that open wider than any other pickup. Silverado Hybrid is America’s first full-size hybrid pickup It is to be had in GM-exclusive Automatic Locking Differential.


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