Nissan to be the first to get the Leaf all-electric vehicle when the car goes on sale in late 2010. It will be launched in Canada in 2011, beginning with British Columbia, the company announced on Tuesday. The Leaf will be powered solely by electricity but will have the performance of a V6 family car without the greenhouse gas emissions, according to the Japanese automaker. The car is expected to be capable of reaching speeds of up to 140 kilometres per hour, according to Nissan, making it one of the first all-electric vehicles capable of highway speeds.

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  1. I hope they manage to get this on the road. So many have tried and so many have failed.

    1. I have high hopes that the Nissan Leaf will diffuse into the market with no problem and we will be seeing it on the road shortly. The vehicle has been through numerous tests and almost all have given it positive reviews. On top of that, the Leaf’s ability to act as a regular, gas powered car (minus the distance), mixed with the benefits of being a completely electric car, will make it even more appealing to consumers. In my opinion: if the price tag is right, if customers see a relative value in the Leaf compared to a gas vehicle, and if the Leaf radically changes the way we view the technology of automobiles, than the Leaf will be a success!

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