Chevy’s Urge To Splurge

Chevy Camaro created a stage at the SEMA convention for the Chevy enthusiasts to make their dream come true by voting for their favorite design from the short listed four contenders.

The first contestant is the Jay Leno Camaro powered by a twin Turbonetics T-3, 3.6 liter, V6 engine capable of producing 425hp and the thrill of normal driving when the turbochargers are on “rest.” The option of Be-Kool radiator, custom-exhaust system, Centerforce clutch, pressure plate six-speed manual, Brembo six-piston brake, air-extractor style hood, and other personalized options promise to deliver unfailing control for the road and race track.

The second of the Camaro concept vehicle is the Camaro Synergy to be launched on special-edition during the first half of 2010. For the ‘fast and the furious’, Camaro Synergy has created a unique package consisting of 21-inch wheels with a sleek finish, Cyber Grey Rally hood stripes, a spoiler with high wings and a performance air intake for maximum power. The  option of a front spoiler, rear diffuser-type styling, Brembo brakes with a striking interior is sure to make a car enthusiast have a second look at the enhanced features.

For more information, contact:

Adam Denison,

Chevrolet Communications

Phone : 313-600-5127


Robyn Henderson,

GM Design Communications

Phone: 313-269-3256


Tom Henderson,

GM Communications

Phone: 313-667-2702


Official Website:

Another custom creation for the mild and the wild is the Camaro Chroma with many released and non-released components like the 21-inch wheel with conspicuous designs, new silver stripe package, Summit White ground effects, “Blade” rear spoiler, rear fender vents, and much more. It also has the V-8 engine, performance exhaust system and performance intake for the enhanced drive. The six-speed manual transmission and Brembo brakes guarantee maximum control over the car.

The stylish and the sophisticated design of the Camaro Dusk is the fourth option placed before the Chevy enthusiasts. The aggressive looking car has the all-new 21-inch wheels, Brembo brake calipers, performance exhaust, rear spoiler, and front splitter for the powerful’ image, rocker extensions, rear diffuser and lower ground clearance  To meet the needs of the urban crowd, the design has incorporated the Boston Acoustics sound, WiFi and a cradle for the iPhone.

The SEMA convention also witnessed the Silverado ZR2 with its extended cab short body with the carbon fiber fenders, extractor-style hood, rocker extensions, and the unique locking storage system. The LS supercharged crate engines capable of 550 hp, and the 20-inch BBS RD wheels and Goodyear Wrangler MT/R tires connected with the BDS shock absorbers and a four-inch lift kit guarantees maximum maneuverability and power.

Chevy’s act for repositioning the brand led to the return of Corvette Grand Sport in the beginning of the year with its racing appeal presented by the convertible wind screen, front splitter and rear spoiler, rocker extensions and a powerful engine capable of reaching 60 in less than four seconds, offering 26mpg on the highway.

Today Chevy is back into the race coming with innovative ideas and custom-created concepts to retain its place in the forefront of the market.

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