Chevy Spark Review

In 2007 New York auto show, a design came up as a two-door version called ‘Beat’ along with two more concepts micro-crossover called ‘Trax’ and retro minivan called ‘Groove’.

The voting was done by open public to choose the out of three concepts. Beat got 1.9 million votes which was the majority one.

Spark is a vanilla hatchback as far as technology and basic architecture are concern. With the low price its execution and design are interesting one. Spark is expected to arrive in US in 2011, will be the smallest car ever sold in US.

Chevy Spark is just 143.3 inches long (+1.5 inch long for US), 62.9 inch width, 59.9 inch height, 1950 pounds in weight, 93.5 inch wheelbase, engineered carefully to provide European NCAP safety features.

In the base model, the cabin is monotone gray which gives depressive look, but LT trim have a metallic accents, garnishing body-color gives cheery, unique and modern look. In the top of the steering column there is a motorcycle-type pod instrument. There is conventional speedometer; graphical tech and fuel measure is mono LED screen.

Spark has 1.2 lit four cylinder engine. Spark is little noisy car, engine and tire makes noise when road surface is coarse or when you are hard on the choke.  The technical team gives promise to give better NVH pack before the car is launched in US. Spark is a good choice for those who enjoy driving a car at low speeds.

Unlike most of the Asian micro cars, Spark is designed to look bigger than actual. Frontal view of the car is strong, upright nose with tall headlamps with creased bone lines on the outer edges of the hood. Side view is having big wheel housings with an additional shoulder at the rear. The cockpit is narrow over the rear wheels. The door locks are placed behind the side glass, high in the door frames. The handles are painted black which are hidden, giving clean look to the flanks of the car.

Chevrolet Spark - Bordentown, NJ

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  1. Very interesting article, i am from the Caribbean island of Barbados, and we have quite a few Chevy Sparks on the road here, but many owners are having problems finding parts for them,would it be possible for your company to tell us where we can get parts, right now i am looking for the shock mounts for one, and a transmission for another, but i know that many of them has been parked because of not finding parts here. Thanks

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