Chevrolet Aveo to appear in Detroit Auto Show

A media preview was held by Chevrolet on Wednesday night at Motown to show their plans for the Detroit Auto Show, next month. The media invited over were allowed to discuss the plans shown to them in detail, but they were not allowed to take any pictures or videos. The presentation started with the introduction of the new General Manager of Chevrolet, Jim Campbell, who had taken up the post only a week ago. The director of exterior design Mike Simcoe along with Campbell took the next half an hour in showcasing the new batch of Chevrolet cars, whose designs had already been shown during the General Motor’s design dome last August. This batch included the upcoming Orlando MPV, Volt, Camaro Convertible, Cruze and the brand new Malibu 2012. These cars are bound to be present in the Chevrolet showrooms in the next two years. The new Orlando is almost the same as the 2008 version, except light cluster have been put in with great detailing.

Spark and Aveo will be making the entry-level end of the Bowtie’s lineup. Since there rumors of Spark program not taking place, Campbell ensured that Spark will make an appearance in 2011. The all new Aveo will be making an appearance for the first time at the Auto Show next month. The designs of the Aveo shown at the media release were exactly same as the design shown in August, except that this car has five-door hatchet. The new model and the old model look nothing alike. The old model had received a lot of criticism for its exterior design. But, hopefully the same would not follow for the new model. Simcoe described the exteriors of the car, as a look that facades ‘deliberate aggression’. The grille on the previous model was too big and this made the car look smaller. This time they have changed the look of the grille. The grille is shorter and wider, which has given the car a more ‘wide, planted stance’ by making the car look wider.

Aveo has four individual round lights, one for each corner and the flanks on the car reminds one of the structure of Spark, in terms of a less exaggerated look. It even has the hidden door handles on the C-pillar like the Spark. Simcoe expressed an aspiration for giving the new Aveo that includes the base model, a ‘hot-hatch’ look. Aveo’s direct competition is the Ford Fiesta and Honda Fit, it will be interesting to see the same target customer’s reaction to the new Aveo. When Aveo will be showcased in Detroit, it will be shown in its RS form and not the ‘hot-hatchet’ form. The RS version of the car will be powered by Eco Tec engine. But, no further details were provided, only the exteriors were explained in great detail. The rest of the details can only be presumed on the basis of the previous models, such as the 1.4 liter turbo present in the Cruz. If the car has 138 horse-power and 148 pound torque, then this car will be one heck of a ride on the road.

General Motors Flint south engine plant will be manufacturing the power-plant and the Orion assembly plant will be in charge of car making. The hatch will also have a four-door sedan, following the popular demand. Aveo in RS will be a sight to look at, during the Detroit Auto Show.

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Chevrolet Aveo

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