Nissan says Eight new models coming in next 12 months :

Nissan’s product plan for the next 12 months. We already knew about most of the models, but there is some good news for minivan and truck fans, as well as for Infiniti. “Infiniti M37 six-cylinder and M56 V-8 coming this spring.

Fortieth anniversary model of the 370Z sports car, also this spring. Infiniti QX56 SUV, summer.

“We will build it ourselves,” Tavares said of the next truck. The list of new models also includes a new version of the QX56, a full-size SUV based on Titan, due this summer.

Nissan Juke, a small crossover SUV, on sale in September.

Unnamed Infiniti model with this conflicting designation: “All-new derivative model.” It’ll feature different powertrain, features and equipment than currently found in whatever model from which it will be derived.

Nissan NV 2500, a full-size commercial van along the lines of Ford’s Econoline, on sale in November. It’d be the company’s first product for the U.S. commercial market.

Leaf, Nissan’s battery-electric car, due in some markets in December. Nissan Quest minivan, next January.

Nissan Quest minivan, next January. More conventional this time. The market disliked the adventuresome styling of the past model, which Nissan quit building last year because of slow sales.”

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