Toyota Suspends Sales of several Models

Toyota U.S.A., Inc., announced that this is instructing Toyota dealers to temporarily suspend sales of eight models. Toyota’s image problems started getting worse. The issue for suspending the eight models are due to isolated incidents of a sticking accelerator pedal.

Toyota announced it would recall approximately 2.3 million vehicles to correct sticking accelerator pedals on specific Toyota models. A recall is one thing, but when company decides to stop selling cars, it’s quite another. Toyota general manager said in a statement, that the company will stop sales until a remedy is found. The problem having vehicles are 2009 – 2010 RAV4, 2009 – 2010 Corolla, 2009 – 2010 Matrix, 2005 – 2010 Avalon, some 2007 – 2010 Camry models, 2010 Highlander, 2007 – 2010 Tundra and the 2008 – 2010 Sequoia.

Toyota has investigated isolated reports of sticking accelerator pedal mechanisms in certain vehicles without the presence of floor mats. So, the possibility may on the accelerator pedal mechanisms, in rare instances mechanically stick in a partially depressed position or return slowly to the idle position. Toyota has done a smart thing being very cautious. Some vehicle owners have alleged that the sticking accelerator pedals have caused accidents and some fatal. So Toyota needs to prevent this any more accidents from happening.

At the earliest, Toyota will fix this issue and Toyota is handling it in the right way.. Toyota needed to send a clear message that they care more about their customers than monthly profits. And they are..”

Due to the sales suspension, Toyota is expected to stop producing vehicles on the following production lines for the week of February 1 to assess and coordinate activities. The North America vehicle production facilities affected are:

• Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Canada  (Corolla, Matrix, and RAV4)

• Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Indiana (Sequoia and Highlander)

• Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Kentucky – Line 1 (Camry and Avalon)

• Subaru of Indiana Automotive, Inc.  (Camry)

• Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Texas   (Tundra)

No other North American Toyota vehicle production facilities are affected by the decision to stop production.

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  1. It’s hard to imagine the impact that this will have on Toyota dealerships, and obviously their employees… In an economy where dealerships are struggling to stay afloat, Toyota dealers must be going insane!

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