Keep the Junk Out of Your Car

Somehow…someway… junk piles up in your car. Receipts from ATM machines, leftover change from the takeout you had last night, an empty water bottle, shoes for the gym, etc. flood the floor of your car and prevent your friends or family members from comfortably sitting down. You don’t know how it all got there and you don’t know why – but you do know that you want it gone. So how do you go about preventing junk from piling up?

First, in order to stop trash from piling up, add a trash bag to your car. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just grab a plastic bag from your home and place it in the passenger side door storage holder or hang it from the back of the passenger seat. Then, every time you acquire a piece of trash, all you need to do is place your trash in the trash bag. This will prevent receipts, gum wrappers, and other miscellaneous items from piling up on the floor of your car.

Next, if you have a hobby that requires a change of clothes or materials to be left in your car make sure you keep in it a bag in the trunk of your car. This will keep it out of sight and out of the way of potential passengers. Also, if you have children, try keeping toys and electronics in a crate or box in the back seat. This way, the toys are not set out everywhere with the potential of flying out a widow or being stepped on.

Last, but certainly not least or finally, if you are one of those people who throw change all around your vehicle, then try keeping your change in one particular area. If you do not have a slot in your dashboard for change, place a cup in one of your cup holders and use it for your change. You will be amazed at how much change you really do have!

Remember to clean the inside of your car at least once a month! Routinely vacuuming your floor mats, floors, and seats, and cleaning the button/dials in your car will not only keep your car looking and smelling nice, but will prevent dirt from building up in your buttons – preventing them from working properly!

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