GM & Safety

One of the most important aspects to a car are the brakes. In case of an emergency, your braking system can help you eliminate the impact of an accident or help you avoid one all together. GM wants to make sure that all of its customers are protected – so it puts every single one of its vehicles through thousands of hours of laboratory and road tests to make sure that each model is designed to its safest version. The line-up of GM vehicles are designed to stop within 551 feet while traveling 62 miles an hour – a trait that helped GM vehicles rank last in number of customer complaints about vehicle speed control (a survey done by USA Today on Friday March 26, 2010).

Since all of GM’s vehicles come in different shapes and sizes, so do its brakes. For the vehicles that have extreme engine power (such as a Corvette or Cadillac CTS-V) GM designed a braking system called brake override technology. Brake override technology has been engineered since the early 1990s. It is a software program that works with the engine control module. For example, if you were driving a Corvette and your engine power overwhelmed your brakes (both your accelerator and brake pedals are depressed at the same time), the software would tell the electronic throttle to ease off the engine power to the accelerator – which would allow the brakes to take over.

Gm is committed to excellence and constantly improving its vehicles – and GM stands behind its vehicles 100 percent. That’s why it backs its vehicles with a powertrain limited warranty with 5 years or 100,000 miles of coverage.

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    1. Thank you very much! I hope you will continue to read our blog and enjoy our posts!

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