Nissan is Hitting Some High Notes

I am proud to announce that through out all of the hard times and downturns in the automotive industry, Nissan has held its head high and moved forward, and succeeded, with its business. It has made changes to its marketing, it has opened new factories, it has made a huge alliance with Daimler, it has announced the production of a radical new product called the Nissan LEAF, and it has re-vamped some of its most well-known models. Nissan is making huge strides this year, and it has shown! Yesterday, April 3rd, 2010 Nissan announced that its March sales had risen over 35.1% since last year – selling 63,769 vehicles (47,190 last March).  Brian Carolin, Nissan North America’s Senior Vice President of sales & marketing announced, “Though there are still challenges in our industry, the market is showing signs of life, and Nissan and Infiniti vehicles are resonating with more consumers every day.”  With all of the great strides that Nissan has made thus far, I am excited to see how it will do with the production of the Nissan LEAF in the upcoming months!

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    1. Thank you for the kudos. We did not create our own layout, though. We used one of the templates from If you go under the Themes option in the WordPress toolbar you can browse many great layouts!

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