Nissan Named Vehicle of Amgen Tour of California

Nissan announced on Wednesday, May 12, 2010, that it will be the official vehicle of the Amgen Tour of California for the next two years. The Amgen Tour is an eight day long cycling race featuring the best of the best, and it will take place May 16-23, 2010. As Amgen’s official vehicle, Nissan will have the opportunity to showcase its new LEAF – the 100% electric, 0% emission car.

Amgen Tour 2010

Amgen Tour of California 2010 Map

“Nissan is proud to be the official and exclusive vehicle of the Amgen Tour of California, one of America’s most exciting cycling events,” said Brian Carolin, senior vice president, sales & marketing. “This partnership allows Nissan to connect with thousands of cycling enthusiasts in a meaningful way and experience the many Nissan vehicles that fit their healthy and active lifestyles.”

Nissan LEAF

2011 Nissan LEAF

“The debut of the new Nissan LEAF will be an exciting addition to all of the interactive elements already available for fans at the 2010 Amgen Tour of California,” said Andrew Messick, president of AEG Sports. “Nissan’s commitment to the environment aligns perfectly with the goals of the Amgen Tour of California, and we are proud to have them as the official vehicle sponsor of the race.”

Master the Shift Program

Nissan's Master the Shift Program

The Amgen Tour of California will be the starting point for Nissan’s new campaign: Master the Shift. “…a fully integrated marketing program that naturally aligns the Nissan LEAF and Nissan brand with the interests of those engaged in an active, healthy lifestyle”, said Nissan Communications. You can learn more about Nissan’s Master the Shift program at their facebook page: You can also learn more about it by visiting Windsor Nissan.

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