The LEAF has SOLD OUT for 2010

Nissan has officially hit its 19,000th reservation for the LEAF, and, unfortunately, will no longer be accepting reservations for 2010. No need to worry, though, you will be able to get your Nissan LEAF shortly after the production of the first 19,000 vehicles. Nissan, actually, anticipates that by the year 2013 they will sell 500,000 LEAFs to the public.

2010 Nissan LEAF

2011 Nissan LEAF

So if you are thinking about owning a Nissan LEAF, stay in close contact with your local Nissan dealer to get all of the latest updates about when you can start to reserve a LEAF of your own (if you are in the area, Windsor Nissan can keep you up to date with all of the LEAF information)!

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