Nissan Altima Owners Speak Out

2010 Nissan Altima

2010 Nissan Altima

Through out the years, Altima owners have really spoken out about their love for their Nissan. Did you know what over 38% of them have actually named their vehicle?! So, because of all this love for the Altima, I have gathered up some of those quotes to share with you:

“My friends say that my car fits my personality – it’s classy, fun, exciting and reliable.” – Patricia L., MO

“I have over 145,000 miles on my Altima and it never stops running. Great Car” -Fran K., CA

“The styling is right on, sleek on the outside, comfortable on the inside, nothing in its class comes close!” -Brian H., TX

“I really like the keyless accessibility.” -Louis B., MD

“I love the keyless entry and push button starting. It’s so nice to be able to leave the keys in my pocket and be able to start the car.” -Joshua S., DE

“I like the backup camera.” – Tracey L., AZ

“I love the takeoff speed of my Altima.” -Sylvia G., TX

2010 Nissan Coupe

2010 Nissan Coupe

“I love the Bose system! I’ve been in other luxury cars that don’t have a system that compares.” -Jacklyn C., NJ

“Love the heated seats in the winter.” -Sally W., NY

“The navigation system keeps me going where I want to go and gets me there on time, and without getting lost.” -Noram B., AR

“My first Altima was a 1994 and it gave me no problem. In fact, I got the new Altima in June and can’t seem to part with the old one. I still have it and love it. I recommend the Altima to everyone I talk to.” -Amy P., CT

“I loved my husband’s and just really wanted one of my own!” -Cindy P., VA

“It is just a dream to drive. It is so comfortable and easy. The seats are like sitting in your favorite easy chair at home.” -Karen B., TX

“My kids are in athletics so the trunk is “customized” with everything you need to endure, I mean enjoy, any sporting event. I’ve got all kinds of cushioned seats, foldable chairs, quilts, coats, umbrellas, cooler, etc. And I can still haul groceries with all that permanently in my trunk.” -Susan L., IL

“The dual controls…Seriously, no one in my life is ever happy about the temperature in my car! But now they can be a little more satisfied! You have no idea how fabulous this makes my life!” -Evelyn D., NC

“My Altima is just one of those cars that makes you smile. It’s so beautiful…when you have a stressful day and get into you Altima, you can just forget about your day for a while and enjoy the ride home!” -Patricia L., MO

“The valet guys parked it up top with the BMWs and Mercedes because it was clean and shiny and looked high-end” -Brian E., MD

“The first Altima had 210,000 miles on its first spark plugs and was a reliable car. I gave it to my daughter at 220,000 miles.” -Jim B., OR

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