The Day “Chevy” Died

Send Don McLean returning to the studio. Re-dub time.

Don, you drove your Chevrolet to the levrolet and the levrolet was dry.

In the new and ever-changing world of General Motors, I suppose anything is up for grabs.

Here’s the thing about GM telling employees avoiding using the nickname of its strongest brand: The marketing move sounds a lot like Ram, doesn’t it?

When Dodge got wise and figured it needed to tell the world they drove Ram trucks (not Dodge trucks), it reeked of “huh?”

This one feels familiar.

Chevrolet Chevy

Companies spend decades of time and gazillions in marketing money trying to get the world to identify with their brand. And even in post-bankruptcy, Chevy still slipped off the tongue smoother than a lyric from “American Pie.”

Who thinks this one might not be reversed in a few months once the marketing folks realize just how much collateral was left on the floor?

After all, a longtime friend loved his “Chevy truck.” My uncle just bought “that new Chevy Malibu.” And did you see how well Kevin Harvick did at Talladega in his Chevy?

No more.

So, bye, bye to a marketing line.

This was the day Chevy died.

5 responses

  1. I am glad to see Kevin Harvick was brought up. Yes Kevin did win in a Chevy and Kevin is leading the points in the Sprint cup in a Chevy. What pin head said to avoid using it.

  2. I love Chevy Trucks (sorry Chevrolet) . Chevrolet is never gonna die man, or i am gonna be super p…….

    1. ‘Chevy’ is an American brand – even though Chevrolet may be the official name for this automotive company. Chevy will probably forever be the term used to describe a Chevrolet Vehicle.

  3. Do i care ,what the guys at Chevrolet got to say,,,NO I DON’T,,,as long as they make good cars. Besides Chevy sounds so much better.

    1. I agree, Chevy does sound so much better! Its a Chevy Silverado … not Chevrolet Silverado

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