All You Need to Know About Brakes

What do  brakes do?
When you push your brake pedal, it generates hydraulic pressure in your vehicle’s master cylinder. This pressure flows through the hydraulic lines and hoses to the wheel cylinders and calipers, forcing the shoes against the drums (drum brakes) and the pads against the rotors (disc brakes). The resulting friction slows your vehicle and is relative to the amount of force applied at the brake pedal.

Typical Wear n Tear
Brakes are a normal wear item for any car & will eventually need replacement.

Several factors that affect wear include:
• Driving habits
• Operating conditions
• Vehicle type
• The quality of brake lining material

Bad Brake Signs
• Car pulls to one side during braking
• Brake pedal pulsates when you press your brake pedal
• Noise when you step on the brake pedal
• Repeatedly need to add brake fluid to the master cylinder

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  1. Nice information about the process of the brakes. I’m sure that every single thing about it would give me more ideas on each part like the brake disc, the caliper and other technical materials given here.

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