Allison Transmission

With the launch of the 2011 Silverado HD right around the corner, I felt it was appropriate to talk about the Allison Transmission that is going to be in it! There are so many great things to say about an Allison Transmission, that I do not know where to start…I will probably make this into a two part post about Allison..

Allison has been around since 1909 (so basically when the automotive industry began), and has stayed on top of the transmission manufacturing business for the past 95 years. Its headquarters is in Indianapolis, Indiana, where the company actually started off as a racing company and was one of the founders of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway! After a few years of being in the racing business, Allison moved on to manufacturing parts, masters and tools for the Liberty airplane engine. In 1928 Allison’s founder, Jim Allison, died and the company was taken over by General Motors.  With time, Allison grew to be a huge player in aviation, as well as motor vehicles – which we know it to be today.

The Allison Transmission that we know and love is a one of a kind machine built specifically for performance.  Be  on the look out for another post about the workings of the Allison Transmission tomorrow!!

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  1. Whats all the allison hype about?? My parents bought a 2004 holiday motorhome new and i suggested that they buy the GM workhorse chassis—THAT WAS A MISTAKE!! With only 39,000 miles on it the ALLISON transmission is shot.. Now i wish they bought the ford chassis.. According to the Transmission shop it just destroyed itself-It wasn’t anything they did to make it happen.. Now their looking at 4200.00 dollars for the repair–That is just wrong-And there isn’t any way to contact ALLISON over it–But– You can contact ALLISON in any other country just not the USA.. Don’t waste ypur money on their products becouse they don’t stand behind them.. With only 39.000 miles you would think they would apoligize and take care of the repair–NOT ALLISON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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