Chevy & Cell Phones for Soldiers

Robbie and Brittany Bergquist

Robbie and Brittany Bergquist, founders of Cell Phones for Soldiers

It is difficult to not find Chevy to be synonymous with the US Military. For decades, Chevrolet has dedicated enormous amounts of money and time to promoting the United State’s military and its services. Recently, Chevy has paired up with an organization called Cell Phones for Soldiers, a charity that recycles cell phones and uses that money to provide soldiers with pre-paid minutes and refurbished cell phones.

According to the Cell Phones for Soldiers website, “Chevrolet is launching a year-long campaign, with the goal of raising $1 million to support Cell Phones for Soldiers. To reach that goal, Chevrolet is calling on General Motors employees, NASCAR race fans, and Chevrolet dealers across the country to donate their unwanted, gently used cell phones to the cause.”

Over 77,000 GM employees have been enlisted by GM to make sure Chevy reaches its goal of $1 million. You can support this cause by going to the Cell Phones for Soldiers website and finding out where you can drop off your old cell phones and/or make a donation to this amazing cause!!

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