Nissan and Apple, Together in Perfect Harmony

Earlier this month Apple launched its new advertising app: iAds, to be viewed by iPhone users. The application allows companies to advertise within other iPhone Apps without being a distraction to the iPhone user or force the iPhone user to click into an internet site.

Steve Jobs Explaining iAds

Nissan found this new iPhone app to be very appealing for its Nissan LEAF campaign, so it signed up with Apple and became the first automotive company to participate in iAds. When an iPhone user clicks on the Nissan LEAF iAds advertisement, they will be directed to a video explaining all of the electric vehicle’s specs.

iAds App for the Nissan LEAF

This new spin on marketing should favor well for Nissan, and hopefully Apple will be just as pleased with its new application platform.

Nissan LEAF

For more information on the LEAF, go to Windsor Nissan in East Windsor, NJ to speak with a salesman about all of the exciting feautres that the new electric vehicle has to offer!

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