Nissan Brings Forth New Technologies

Nissan has always been a front runner in the technology race, and this year will probably be no different. Nissan announced two new technologies that they will be using in their 2011 vehicle line-up: The Forward Collision Avoidance Assist Concept and Moving Object Detection.

Nissan Logo

Foward Collision Avoidance Assist is a technology aimed at helping, “drivers avoid hitting vehicles ahead of them that may have come to a stop or are traveling significantly slower, while also helping to reduce the chance of a rear-end collision by helping to avoid sudden braking, ” according to Mark Kleis. This new technology uses radar to detect the speed and distance of a car in fr0nt of it. When a vehicle starts to slow down or becomes too close to it, a warning will sound and display on a screen AND the the technology will send a signal to the accelorator to slow down and to the brake to slow down the car, as well.

Forward Collision Avoidance Assist

Moving Object Detection is another technology by Nissan that uses sensors to detect the movement of bicycles, pedestrians and other drivers. When an object is detected, the device warns with driver audibly and visibly on screen. Nissan says that this technology will help avoid accidents in parking lots and areas with lots of small children/objects.

Moving Object Detection

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