Dan Akerson Takes Over as GM CEO

On September 1, 2010 Ed Whitacre, Jr. will no longer be the CEO of General Motors; Dan Akerson will be taking over the reigns and will continue to direct GM on its path toward success.

Dan Akerson

We all know the devastating losses that GM incurred throughout these past few years – but Whitacre was able to push GM forward and turn the company’s outlook around, and Akerson will continue to do the same.

Ed Whitacre

Dan Akerson, 61, joined the GM board in July of 2009. “Dan Akerson has been actively engaged in and supportive of the key decisions and changes made at the new GM. He brings broad business experience, decisive leadership, and continuity to this role,” said Pat Russo, lead director on the GM board. “The board of directors deeply appreciates the leadership Ed has provided and is pleased with the serious commitment Dan is making to the company. We look forward to his leadership.”

GM Logo

“There are remarkable opportunities ahead for the new GM, and I am honored to lead the company through this next chapter,” said Akerson. “Ed Whitacre established a foundation upon which we will continue building a great automobile company.”

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