False allegations – Libel against Windsor Nissan

To Carmen C., all Windsor Nissan Customers and Consumers,

We understand your concern, but the allegations that a consumer was cheated and conned is completely false.  Windsor Nissan is a family owned and operated Nissan Dealership that maintains an unwavering standard of honesty.  Integrity is an indispensable part of our relationship with every customer.  A vital factor of our success has been our unwavering dedication to our customers.  Most importantly, service and care are never sacrificed; we expect that the goal of each and everyone of our employee’s will be to help maintain this standard.

I would like to explain the facts in detail because the written review, and mentioned story, is libel.

We, Windsor Nissan, delivered a 2006 Nissan Altima to the referenced consumer on 8/7/2010; they left a $2000.00 down payment in cash. We advised the consumer that his/her loan was approved during the following week. On the following Saturday 8/14/2010 all was still well, and the customer gave us additional down payment of $1500.00 on a credit card in another individual’s name, and $500.00 on another credit card issued in his/her name. He/She also tendered an additional $1000.00 in cash; on top of the $2000.00, for a total of $5000.00.

The customer then advised us that he/she didn’t have time to complete the transaction and would have to come back on the next Saturday (8/21/10), because he/she only had Saturday morning off, and he/she worked seven days.  The customer showed up the following Saturday 8/21/2010, to sign the final contract and remaining paperwork. He/She then advised us that he/she wanted to register the vehicle outside of New Jersey, in Tennessee. We advised him/her that we could not do that, as the loan application he/she completed was approved by the lender based on the facts he/she filled out on the credit application; specifically, that their residence was in New Jersey, which was their intended to register their vehicle purchase.

The customer then advised us that he/she would not finance the vehicle (if it could not be registered in Tennessee) and that he/she intended to pay cash. He/She advised us that he/she would be back with the rest of the money in a week.  We called him/her many times over the course of the next few weeks, with no response. The customer finally came in again on 9/18/2010; 4 weeks after he/she told us he/she would be back with cash to buy the car. He/She told us he/she couldn’t come up with the cash and that he/she wanted to return the car he/she had been driving since early August.

The customer then test-drove another vehicle, a 2007 Mazda 323 that was less expensive.  The customer asked us to hold this vehicle until Monday 9/20/2010.  Shortly thereafter, a news crew showed up at Windsor Nissan to get the customer’s money back.  Up until that time, the customer had never asked for their money back; the customer had been driving around in a vehicle for several weeks that they hadn’t paid for; and the customer’s last contact with the dealership indicated they planned to use the $3000 cash down and $2000 credit card charges as down payment on the replacement vehicle.

Once we became aware (from the media, not the customer) that the deal was off, we cut a refund check for $3000. The check was cut on 9/22/2010, for the cash the customer had put down. We explained that since the cardholder had already disputed the $1,500 credit card charge with his/her credit card company, no refund was necessary.  We could not process the credit card refund for $500 on the other credit card used in the transaction since the actual credit cardholder was not present at the dealership.  The credit cardholder must be present at the dealership with his/her credit card in order for us to authorize the transaction.  We advised the customer that his/her refund check was here for him/her to pick up, but he/she has yet to pickup their refund check and they have not provided us with instructions or an address to mail the refund check to. We would be more than happy to return the customer’s deposit money and help straighten things out for him/her with the credit card company.

Windsor Nissan has attempted to facilitate the purchase, return and refund of this transaction in a variety of manners.  We never misled the customer and we surely did not “con” them.  Windsor Nissan does not tolerate the alleged behavior and more importantly, we do not operate in a dishonest or unlawful way.

While everyone has the right to their opinion, the comments posted in this review are not only misleading, inaccurate and false, but they are blasphemous libel.


Michael Maguire

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