Windsor Nissan in East Windsor, NJ is a Female Friendly Dealership

Windsor Nissan is a female friendly dealership and is owned and operated by Marcy Maguire. Currently Marcy is the elected NADA Director for New Jersey and has previously been the NADA Director at Large for Women Dealers. Her leadership role has made her part of the 100 leading women in the North American Auto Industry. Marcy was voted Manheim’s Automotive Womenof the year in 2004 and Working Women Magazine made her one of the top 500 women. Marcy’s leadership extends globally; she has participated in the Women Business Leadership Summits as a representative of the US in Finland, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates. Marcy’s expertise, industry-specific knowledge and leadership skills have served the Automotive Industry and have contributed to improving the industry. Marcy has served on many committee’s; Industry Relations, Public Affairs Committee, Membership Committee, for the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA), including the Dealer Election Action Committee (DEAC) and National Automobile Dealers Charitable Foundation (NADCF) as Ambassador.

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