Chevy Trophies – Bob Maguire Chevrolet

Yes, we have a case of the blues. And we couldn’t be happier. Why? The 2012 Kelley Blue Book Best Resale Value Awards were just announced.

When people are in the market for a new vehicle, high resale value is often a major consideration. After all, depreciation is a new car owner’s biggest expense and choosing a vehicle with better resale value will leave you money ahead at trade-in time.

If this is something you consider, consider this: Kelley Blue Book’s just recognized Chevy’s outstanding achievements in producing vehicles that best retain their value over the first five years of new-vehicle ownership with their Best Resale Value Awards1. And the winners are:

  • 2012 Camaro V6 (Sports Car)
  • 2012 Camaro SS (High-Performance Car)
  • 2012 Traverse (Full-Size Utility Vehicle)
  • 2012 Volt (Electric Car)
  • 2012 Camaro (Top 10 Overall)

As you can see Camaro, in any form, is a high performance sports machine offering a great dollar-to-horsepower ratio during its first five years on the road. Traverse’s superb combination of comfort, capability and eight-passenger seating2 adds up to an incredible residual value rating and the best full-size utility vehicle winner. The eco-friendly Volt takes the electric car category thanks in part to its Voltec propulsion system, a unique technology combining an electric motor with an internal-combustion engine/generator. This innovation allows for driving on electricity only or using both electricity and gas.

Stop by Bob Maguire Chevrolet today and check out our Kelley Blue Book Best Resale Value Award winners. Your wallet will thank you come trade-in time.

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